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Droidz Need Help New Profile Levels 5-12


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Hey Droidz At Just over Level 8 on the quest TheDwarvenSpy, He Requires to use 2 Gossip Options for one quest, He has to Speak to him once and then again in sequence.


I cannot Seem to get anything to work, Tried to get a few different things to work and nothing. Tried changing Quest types. Hotspots, Gossip options.


And i didnt know what type of a macro on interact i could use for double gossip option.


Please help lol.


BE 5-12 That needs Fixing.


Blood Elf 5-12.xml

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Fixed Profile 1-5 BE, It now Goes to Returning the Quest Completing the Delivery, Then this Profile Must Be ran Afterwards, to take you to the Next area to start questing, Fixed this New Profile until the Quest TheDwarven Spy... Which is About 1/3 or 1/4 Through the Full Profile.  for 5-12

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I have fixed problem in step "IncriminatingDocuments>TurnIn" for quest http://www.wowhead.com/quest=8482 ,

  • I have replaced "Objective count 1" = 1 by "Objective count 1" = 0


For http://www.wowhead.com/quest=8483 ,

  • I have replaced "Objective count 2" = 1 by "Objective count 1" = 0
  • I have added in option "Macro when interact (full lua code, no /run)" : RunMacroText("/click GossipTitleButton1"); RunMacroText("/click GossipTitleButton1");
  • I have replaced "Gossip option" = -1 by "Gossip option" = 1


(I'll edit this post when I found new problems)

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  • 2 months later...

Hey Net, For the Incriminating Documents quest, how did you find the NPC id got the quest pick up portion of the script

? Having troubles with it.












Found it :)

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Sorry man, I didnt get it fast enough. Hahaha. Just got the message this morning or I would have had an answer for you :)

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