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does not work "Calculate interact/combat distance by target size"


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I'm confirming that issue.

It occurs with my TBC AIO and It seems to be server dependant. I've tested on my private Trinity server against the exact same mob and the exact same character (male orc) and the issue did not occur.

The combat range is set to 5.

Does anyone have an idea how we can fix this issue?

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1 hour ago, Matenia said:

Simply don't account for hitbox sizes. It works, but it's useless. Real servers calculate from center to center, because that's what blizzard did too.

Thanks for the answer but I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "Simply don't account for hitbox sizes".

What I use to set the range of a FightClass is simply the Range property of the ICustomClass interface. For melee, I set it to 5 and let WRobot handles the rest.

To clarify, it works perfectly on most servers. Except the Atlantiss Karazhan server. On this server, when you're 5 yards away from a large mob, it keeps backing up like in the video shown above, probably because the mob considers you're too close, and it seems like the "Calculate interact/combat distance by target size" option doesn't change anything.

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