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Looks rlly like a bot...I dont go AFK while thats running

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Hey Guys,

its a weird title but thats what it is. So i created a own little herb profile, just with waypoints for elewyn forest - saw it in the video on youtube how to do it.

I've installed a fightClass which is normally working fine and tried with SmoothMove from settings (beta) and also with the SmoothMove Plugin from third party here in the download section.

But the movement looks extremly like a bot and i cant go to sleep when is farming like that. 

Next point which i cant understand:

The waypoints starting before stormwind and the last also. I start him and hes running to the end position, then trys to start running and the first is hanging on the Catapult in front of SW and stucks - thats not good on a big public server where tons of players doing PVP in front of.

So i got new to botting and just wanna use it for lazy tasks like farming herbs, mining, finishing. Would be great to become some recommendations what i can do ?


Best regards


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We don't know what expansion you're on. If you're on 1.12, it uses keyboard movement by default and you will need to enable CTM.

You need more hotspots in your profile. And if there are stucks, blacklist the area and it willl avoid it.

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Oh sorry, i forgot to note: I'm on 3.3.5a

Stucking is no problem:

  • If he turns around corners, he takes up to 6 steps just to get around the corner and looks more like bad waypoints for a NPC ?
  • If he get to a herb, he dismounts 1 step before, getting 1 step and then herbing - is their a way to set, that he first should go near enough to loot and first then, unmount/loot? Its looks bad when he does everytime before looting a extra step
  • I got my own gather profiles with Profile Creator and track waypoints - is their a way to set, that he will set more waypoints within a second? So that he create 5-6 waypoints per second - not just 3-4?
  • I already turned off move with LUA
  • Hes walking to every waypoint and first on ariving hes setting the next with a minimal delay, but so its look extremly like a bot/moving with clicks - is their a way to set, that hes setting the next waypoint a rlly short time before he reaching the waypoint?
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