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I am having a bit of trouble when my pet is fighting a mob I have not previously engaged. So basically I will engage 5-6 mobs, my pet will pick one to focus on, once my toon has downed all the mobs except the one the pet is fighting, he just stands there. He doesn't start fighting w/ the pets mob until the pet dies and then the mob attacks my toon at which point my toon fights. Any ideas on how to avoid this? It happens w/ Shamans and DK's. 


I am using [KingSmilie] DK frost and my own [spooge]Elemental Shaman fight class.





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Thanks for using my Frost DK :). But the reason your not attacking the mob is cause your pet has the aggro and not you. But bot doesn't have aggro detection. So to the bot not having a target is the issue. I haven't thought of a way to get the bot to click tab is pet is in combat yet. But I'm sure that this should be in the programming of the game so that we aren't standing there doing nothing while our pets are killing something and we aren't. that will look really suspicious to GM's in the game.

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