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dont go town!


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hi all, and sorry for my bad english. My problem is that my bot dont go to town for repair/sell.


If I press the button "Go Town" (in tools), in the log i can read:


13:30:39 - You have forcing bot at go to town.
13:30:39 - You have disabled the forcing bot at go to town.
My General settings:
Repair/selling items: ON
Traveler tundra : Off
Use path finder: On
NPC search radius: 999.999
Automatically add in database the NPCs of loaded profiles: Off
Attack before being attacked: On
Any tip for resolve this?
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Does the Path or Profile you are using Accept and Half a Return to Town Hotspot Set. Is Return to Town Supported in other words..


If it is not supported you would have to improvise that in. 

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