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Wrotation 5.4.8

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Hey, im pretty sure the problem is with the wRobot, i have tried other fight classes, and even created one and they all have the same result, they crash after 2-3 minutes.

The attached fightclass is the one i created with the fight class editor, it spams this error: wrobot LuaBot > Current block is closed before end of file.
If anyone could take a look at it and would have a clue why wow closes after 2-3 minutes i would really appreciate it.



Edit: If wrobot is just injected and the bot is not "started" the game closes after ~5 mins

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The first fightclass seems to attach the same event a significant number of times, whereas it should be done only once.

In your second (xml shared), you spam lua code , but this lua code is incorrect.

Try with download fightclass (or without to be sure)

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As i said, i tried without anything, just wrobot injected and still crashes after 4-5 minutes
Also is there any way to prevent it from spamming? I made this xml with the fight class editor

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