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Stormwind mage tower pathfinder broken

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Hi guys, thanks for the bot i just got it a few days ago and i'm having a blast on my private servers.

Unfortunately it seems the pathfinder is broken for the WOTLK build as it's  unable to find its way up to the Wizard's Sanctum in Stormwind Mage quarter (the mage tower) in my case i was using wholesome vendor and it was trying to find the mage trainer to get a quest from there and level up 


If manually placed in the tower, it does get out of the room but after a lot of back and fourth at the portal in the upper mage tower room and it definitely looked like he wasn't aware which way is which as it was doing a lot of random movement until he managed to hit the portal and at the portal it was just going back and fourth without detecting if inside our out.


I can provide a log file if necessary but not sure what you need so please let me know if i can help further with this issue but a fix would definitely be lovely.

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Hi Droidz, i've attached the log file for you to check but more specifically the issue seems to happen here:

15:18:06 - [Wholesome Vendors]: Going to Mage Trainer Elsharin
[N] 15:18:06 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -9007.358 ; 886.2355 ; 105.455 ; "None" to -9007 ; 885.181 ; 29.621 ; "None" (Azeroth)


Happens to any mage trainer, it fails to compute a path to go up the tower to reach the trainer. Can send a screen recording if you want or share my screen on discord 🙂


1 Aug 2022 05H04.log.html

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Ok so i managed to figure it out, it seems you need to use the off mesh tool to tell the pathfinder to use the right path for broken meshes.


For anyone interested in a fix, you can paste this in the OffMeshConnections.xml with the bot off


      <Vector3 X="-9014.484" Y="872.5606" Z="148.6167" />
      <Vector3 X="-9021.027" Y="890.2583" Z="29.62078" />
    <Name>Mage Quarter</Name>


I've tested it a bit, seems to work mostly ok, it might need a bit more refinement but ideally these should already be included with the bot on download, kinda silly to browse through years old of forum threads for half baked answers and poor documentation.


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