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Always drinks when eating (Heal spell)


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I'm using a heal spell in General Settings -> Food/Drink with 'not an item, is spell'.

Drink is set to 5% -> 95%, but no matter where mana is, if I cast the heal spell, I sit to drink. This uses up way too much water.

I have the same heal spell as part of my fight class if my HP gets very low in combat. I tried putting another instance of this spell in teh fight class to use at the end of combat, but about 15% of the time, it interrupts looting, adn I just leave loot on the corpse.

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This is exactly what I want. I don't want to drink unless my mana drops below 5%. Instead, the bot keeps drinks whenever it heals after combat.


I set the value to 10% to see if that made a difference, but it doesn't.


90% ofthe time, all I need to do is heal once and keep moving, this is taking a drink after every 2-4 fights, it's a giant waste. I should be able to take 1 stack and grind for a couple hours, but instead this will burn through multipole stacks in an hour or 2.

1 hour ago, Droidz said:


With your current setting, bot will drink when your character has less than 5% of mana and stop when he has more than 95%.

Use value like 55% > 95%

e: typos

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I have same problem my holly stting waiting life are more 85%

setting 35%-85% for :

food => not on item, spell

drink => use drink

But many time my holy waiting more than 85% of   life for running quest.

But when i  deselct "use better food" my game play more fast.

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Any update on this? Still drinking evertime I heal. I tried adding an out-of-combat heal to the Figth Class, but that interrupts looting sometimes, so bot leaves a lot of loot behind. So I'm either leaving a bunch of loot on the floor, or wasting a bunch of time drinking.

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