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Fail Archeology Pandaria

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Hi, I posted my archeology problems in Pandaria earlier and done all Your suggestions Droidz (uninstall all addons, installed bot again etc.) but got still huge problem. Now, I have leaved bot running for about 7 hours in Pandaria and after like half an hour for nex 6,5 hours it was stucked AGAIN in hi mountains. 

Here is the log. 



8 lip 2014 11H52.log.html

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What do you mean by stuck? What does the bot do? This log doesn't give me what I need. I'm working on a updated version of Archeology feed back on any site problems would be much appreciated.  

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I recommand to update your dig sites list:


(or dig sites where WRobot bug to go there).


If you can send me screen shot of your wow map where you have the problem.
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