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you are too far away


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for vanilla
every fight class I load or try to make just stands there trying to melee the target from far away every few mobs. It just stands and shuffles forward slowly until it blacklists the mob. It's targeting the mobs from way further than the fight class's specified range.
though most of the time it works as expected.

how can I stop it from getting stuck constantly?

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Q11: My character tries to pull from out of range and/or wRobot thinks it can't fight the target, then switches to another A: Go into advanced wRobot settings and disable "calculate distance by target size".

Server you're on seems to calculate distance differently from the client. This could be either because they specifically chose to do this (to mess with bots) or because their client is modified.

Additionally, WRobot's fightclass range works as specified. If you set it to 40yd, it will ALWAYS try to fight from 40 yd. If you set it to 30 yd but have a spell that works from further away, it might try to cast that spell and stop movement for a second. This is why people do a bunch of calculations themselves to prevent this as much as humanly possible.


If you know C#, I open sourced my framework that attempts top to take care of these problems.

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