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Relogger plugin exeption


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Hello, i constantly see the error message in relogger as [E] 06:15:15 - Cannot compile plugin 'P:\WRobot\\Plugins\Relogger\pluginname.cs on start program.
But this plugin works fine and in IDE i dont see any errors. What could be wrong? Where i can see the reason of this?

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Hi, you should have error reason :

                if (file?.Length > 0)
                    Assembly? a = null;
                    if (file.Length > 3 && file[0] == 0x4D && file[1] == 0x5A && file[2] == 0x90)
                        a = Assembly.Load(file);
                    else // cs file?
                        var c = RunCode.Compile(RunCode.CodeType.CSharp, Encoding.UTF8.GetString(file));
                        if (c?.Errors?.Count > 0)
                            Logging.WriteError($"Cannot compile plugin '{pathOrUrl}': {RunCode.ErrorsToString(c)}");
                        if (c?.CompiledAssembly != null)
                            a = c.CompiledAssembly;


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