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Vendors and Traveler's Mammoth Do Not Work


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I can't get vendors or the traveler's tundra mammoth to work in any profiles.


I have "Selling Items" in "on," vendoring enabled with a timer of 1 minute, and use traveler's tundra mammoth. My do not sell list is blank, and I put windwool cloth in my force sell window and that does nothing either. When I put the traveler's tundra mammoth as my mount, the bot targets the npc, sells nothing, and tries to attack it. 


I have also added NPC vendors in town to regular leveling profiles to get it to work; I'll get the following message in the log:


[D] 16:22:11 - Timer to Vendor/Repair/Mailbox ready


However, the bot continues grinding.


Any suggestions?

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Have you set the ID ( wowhead the vendors name and it's the number on the end of the link) and set location of repair vendors?

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Having similar problem with the traveler's tundra mammoth not selling anything.  Also the vendors do not seem to work.  This has been an ongoing problem for the past few weeks.  Any help would be appreciated.


I have also tried to use the new timed option to sell with no success.


Latest Log is attached.



27 Jul 2014 23H21.log.html

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WRobot do not try to go to vendor/repair in your log. Do you use mining or herbs bags? if yes activate the option in advanced general settings.
You can also, go to vendor/repair by time (with timer) (activate option "Go to vendor/repair/mailbox with timer" and settings timer duration in advanced general settings).
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