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Accurate window hang check in WoW


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Hello, I want to create a highly accurate check for determining if the WoW window is unresponsive, and I plan to use this check as frequently as every 10-50 milliseconds. Lua checks are not suitable for this purpose as they require time and high FPS. Windows APIs related to processes, such as PerformanceCounter and System.Diagnostics.Process, are also unsuitable as they take a long time to update and retrieve values. Therefore, I believe it's necessary to retrieve this value directly from the WoW memory using wManager.Wow.Memory.

I have a rough idea of how to do this, but the problem lies with memory addresses. Unfortunately, I'm not skilled in reverse engineering, so I desperately need assistance. Is there a memory address in WoW that returns this value through DirectX? Or perhaps there's a memory address that returns the value of the GetFramerate() function? How can I obtain these addresses? Alternatively, maybe this information is available in the wrobot API, although I've searched extensively and found nothing.

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From Cata version you can maybe check Usefuls.FrameTime_GetCurTimeMs().

On all version, you can check Useful.LastHardwareAction (this counter is updated when there is a keyboard input or when the mouse moves in the wow window).

Relogger use "WowProcess.Responding".

But, checking every 50ms seems almost impossible.

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