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Hello community! 

I am botting the last 2-3 years but i see this for the first time: on everlook i am getting ban very very often.

I am using proxies, different for every wow.exe i am running.

I am tending to believe that its not only player's reports because i got banned on 1 lvl chars within few minutes from creation.

Is there any known bot detection system for vanilla?

Any other suggestions?

Thank you!

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They likely have you fingerprinted and some decent-ish detection when it comes to bot behavior.
If you use WRotation and don't get banned, you're safe.

But then you also know it's likely related to movement. Meaning you can try a few things like enabling/disabling smooth movement in WRobot, using Lua movement, keyboard movement (disabling CTM entirely), trying CTM with your game locked to 60 Hz via Rivatuner, etc.

Considering my second character I used for testing (so it got stuck a lot, as I was refining my products) got to level 40 before getting banned, I'm fairly certain GMs just sit in starting areas while they answer tickets and ban some bots. Once you get past that, you're pretty safe and it's only player reports.

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Thanks Matenia, i really apreciate your answer and ofc your hard work for community all this years! (also thanks for Rogue fight class, it rocks!)

We had the same thoughts, i am sure a gm is hidding near Undead starting area!

I am also trying different movements methods as well SmoothMove plugin (i am not sure it is actually working for vanilla tho).

I didnt caught your suggestion about WRotation, i use Grinder, Automaton and Quester, not sure if it is related with bans.

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If you use WRotation only and still get banned it's just proof that the bot is detected. If you don't get banned then, it's not detected automatically. Rather they detect certain profiles, grinding statistics etc

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