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After making a couple of quester profile for farming low lvl dungeon for a solo prot paladin like stockade/mona/stratholme to be able to boost and golds farm i m wondering how wrobot can manage a dual mage farming.
Here is a video of the method of farming dual mage can do as an example: 

Firstly I m looking for information on how wrobot can make sure to target the nearest target and cast blizzard on it. 
Second how wrobot can manage "communication" between mage A to B like for example: MageA pull then Ice block, SEND a go to MageB to start Aoe.


Ps: not sure its the right forum to ask theses question

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It absolutely won't happen with a bot. Maybe if you tried to code the routine from scratch, but you'd have to basically forsake all of WRobot's normal combat management etc.

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