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Override bot state IsMounted

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as the title shows, how do i override bot state IsMounted. character is InTransportimage.png.2ab51451d2533beaa015db637603aee4.png

but the state is also IsMounted

so the problem is it doesn't proceed with fighting. Thank you!

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IsMounted serves as a method rather than a state, with its primary purpose being to validate your ongoing mount status. In cases where this method provides both retrieval (Get) and modification (Set) functionalities, the potential exists to change its value to false by utilizing the syntax IsMounted = false. However, the presence of a Set capability remains uncertain. For those skilled in reverse engineering, an opportunity might arise to manipulate the underlying data by introducing an altered byte into the pointer. This could prompt the method to yield a false outcome, with the possibility of restoring the original state at a later juncture.

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