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1.12 issues

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using the bot on a 1.12 client/server im struggeling with the following issues:

Booty Bay pathing: The bot is able to get a path out but not in. Going in the bot swims around and get stuck when trying to get out of the water. 

Taxis/Flight Path: The bot prefers running most of the time, i tried playing around with the settings and a flightmaster plugin for vanilla but cant make it work correctly. He still skips most paths and runs 30min instead.

Battlegrounder: Only queues up for battleground but dont move/follow the profile. Doesnt attack anyone

To town on full bags: Is sometimes ignored too, but working most of the time. Not sure when it bugs out


Is any1 else running into the issues too or is it maybe server related?

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Booty Bay was fixed, so could be custom client. You can create offmesh connections - tons of forum threads explaining. I've posted some code examples of how to add custom pathing.

Taxis: Always been an issue, you can try any of the free flightmaster plugins available for many expansions. May have to adjust them yourself as needed - especially FNV's is really old by now. This could be server/custom client related for you though.

Battlegrounder: Profiles will work if you turn off free mode or whateever. Threads on the forums explain this already. The last guy who asked got a wall of text response. I'm sure you can find the threads.

Not sure - never seen it bug out, but I replaced the ToTown state with my own in HMP anyway.

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