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Great Gold Farm Spot!! Need help making the profile.


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So, I came a crossed this farm spot and seems like someone got to it before me but, it would be great for farming gold if anyone is willing to help me make the profile for it I would be very great full and you can release it on here if you want. 



Here is a video of the farm spot. 




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Make sure you turn use mount off for both flying and ground also make use attack before attacked is turned on. The ship makes the profile very buggy but I have tried to blacklist as much as possible. I've requested Droidz help with the profile but for the time being here you go.

wreck of vanguard.xml

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When you blacklist an area, do you change the basic area of 30 yards?


If required yes, you can use Map (tab "Map" with Blacklist landmarks activated in "More options") to help you.
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