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Hi ... Have you an easy tip for :

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I'm looking for a tip to :


Attack only a player Target. I have that to avoid neutral targets :

if (ObjectManager.Target.IsValid && ObjectManager.Target.Reaction <= Reaction.Neutral && UnitCanAttack.CanAttack(ObjectManager.Target.GetBaseAddress, ObjectManager.Me.GetBaseAddress))

Perhaps we can do better to test if a target is an hostile Player ?




Anymore, is there a code to target "ObjectManager.Me.Target" ?



I've tryed this :


but  we can't adapt this with "ObjectManager.Me.Target"


So perhaps you have another solution ?


Instead of that i use a Lua code to scan targets \targetEnnemyPlayer until obtain the good target. It's not the best choice.


Thank you very much :)))

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To get if it is enemy player:

        if (ObjectManager.Target.Type == WoWObjectType.Player)
            if (((WoWPlayer) ObjectManager.Target).PlayerFaction != ObjectManager.Me.PlayerFaction)
                // Is enemy player

To interact with your current target (this is useless because it is already your target):


I ignore exactly what is your objective, but if you want search and interact with an enemy player you can use code like:

        List<WoWPlayer> enemyPlayerList;

        if (ObjectManager.Me.IsAlliance)
            enemyPlayerList = ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitHorde();
            enemyPlayerList = ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitAlliance();

        WoWPlayer nearestPlayerEnemy = ObjectManager.GetNearestWoWPlayer(enemyPlayerList);

        if (nearestPlayerEnemy.IsValid && nearestPlayerEnemy.IsAlive && nearestPlayerEnemy.GetDistance < 150)

            if (ObjectManager.Me.Target == nearestPlayerEnemy.Guid)
                // OK

To get the nearest attackable NPC:

        List<WoWUnit> unitList = ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWUnit();
        List<WoWUnit> enemyUnitList = new List<WoWUnit>();

        foreach (var woWUnit in unitList)
            if (woWUnit.IsValid && woWUnit.IsAlive && woWUnit.Reaction <= Reaction.Neutral && UnitCanAttack.CanAttack(woWUnit.GetBaseAddress, ObjectManager.Me.GetBaseAddress))

        WoWUnit nearestUnitEnemy = ObjectManager.GetNearestWoWUnit(enemyUnitList);

        if (nearestUnitEnemy.IsValid && nearestUnitEnemy.IsAlive && nearestUnitEnemy.GetDistance < 150)

            if (ObjectManager.Me.Target == nearestUnitEnemy.Guid)
                // OK
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Hi and thank you very much for your very quick answer.


Yes perhaps you need more informations but you gived me the right answer.


I'm working for a script


-On battlegrounds a list of ennemy players is build and always updated with their Pv

-If several members of this list are at good range, the choosed target will be the lesser PV target and the choosed target will be always targeted first


That's why i need this code to target something with his ID.




I just want to be more efficient and sometimes to be efficient we must choose the right target.

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