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So I've been using WRobot for almost a year now. I use Gatherer, Battlegrounder, Grinder, and WRotation. I also know what the rest do but one, Automation. What does it do exactly? would like a lil info before I try and run it. Thanks for answering this noob question.

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As said therabbi98, "Automaton" combine bot Grinder/Gatherer/Pet Battles. Go to the zone, in product settings select if you want kills mobs, gatherer, pet battles, use flying mount and the work distance and clique on Start, WRobot create random path in start zone and kills/farms. It is a good alternative at grinder/gatherer bot if you want farm an zone shortly time.
Currently for leveling I use WRotation bot for help me during quests, and when I make pause, I launch "Automaton" (avoid quests zone with automaton for not disturb others players).
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