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    Reaper666 got a reaction from OMGhixD in Refund please.   
    Shouldn't be a refund. There is a 3 day key he could've bought and tried it out for cheap. But that's just my opinion.
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    Reaper666 got a reaction from OMGhixD in OMGhixD Profile Shop! [Free ofc] [Grind & Class Rotation]   
    I would be interested in seeing new fightclasses for 7.2 as most on here are outdated or broken. Would make them myself but I just can't figure it out :(
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    Reaper666 got a reaction from Kikkass in WoW Maintenance Precaution   
    Supposedly Blizz is doin live maintenance on at least the US servers from 0500 PDT to 0900 PDT on Thursday 23MAR17. I would advise to avoid using bot at these times to be safe. Maybe it's nothing to worry about and maybe I'm too paranoid (lol), but it's better to be safe than sorry. Idk if other servers are getting the same treatment. 
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    Reaper666 got a reaction from Kikkass in Well that was easy....   
    Welcome aboard.
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    Reaper666 reacted to Hapiguy in just some questions   
    1) There's a chance to get banned any time you use a 3rd party program.  There is no such thing as *SAFE*.  That being said, if you bot smart, you can greatly minimize your risk.
    2) The fastest way to gain EXP is to manually do quests and level, as you can get from 100-110 in ~ 6-7 hours of manual play following an optimized path, etc.
    3) The best way to farm gold with minimal effort is by farming herbs and ores, and selling them on the AH or directly to a private buyer.
    4) The best tip I can give you is that before you purchase, you watch the tutorial videos so you get an idea of the setup for the bot, and what is involved in creating a working profile, etc.
    Welcome to wRobot, and good luck! 
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    Reaper666 reacted to eeny in You are not allowed to download that file   
    You need to be logged into an account with an active subscription to download profiles.
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    Reaper666 reacted to Droidz in incorrect game version   
    If you get message 'Incorrect game version' after WRobot update, close wow and launch Battlenet to update Wow.
    If you cannot start grinder/gatherer/quester/petbattle bot after update, update again WRobot I resolved problem.
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    Reaper666 got a reaction from loves2spooge in Quester keeps failing to start***RESLOLVED***   
    place those files in the Grinder Folder
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    Reaper666 reacted to Demondog in Very Impressed with bot   
    To the mods, devs I must say I am DAMN impressed with this bot.
    I spent an hour last night playing with making scripts for quest, grinding and gathering and I have to say this bot ability is F'in awesome. There is no reason on earth with a more vibrant community why this bot won't have a crap load of scripts for people to use.
    I am going to level a toon fast and start creating some nice farming scripts for people.
    This bot reminds me of Glider from the old days but with questing thrown in.
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    Reaper666 reacted to eeny in Profile crossover   
    You are going to need to convert the profiles.  With the WRobot conversion tool I think the outcome is dependant on the type of profile, grinder, gatherer or quester.
    If you look at the structure of the XML files grinder and gatherer are easy.  Usually its just a bunch of co-ordinates(Vectors)  to make the path and if its a grinder there will be a section of the XML file that has the NPC ID's for the mobs you want to attack...  For gatherer / grinder i would expect the conversion tool to work fine.
    Quester is a different story.  all the HB profiles i have seen that are worth a damn are shipped with custom "plugin packages".  The profile actually calls that plugin to change the way the bot works for that quest pulse.  Obviously without the plugin package you are in trouble.  On top of this- it will require a load of 'code sanitation' as the HB profiles have a lot more steps that wrobot doesnt use.  My experience with HB quest conversion was a 1-60 profile.. i had a function Wrobot 1-60 quester with ~1300 steps... the converted HB profile had just over 4000... it was probably easy to just remake the quest profile rather than try to get the converted file to work with all the debug it would take.
    post a link to the HB profiles you have- maybe we can get some of them working..
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    Reaper666 got a reaction from eeny in maybe a new user.   
    gathering profiles are pretty simple to make. There are also some Free and Paid profiles. But I also do recommend making your own.
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    Reaper666 got a reaction from Naxxy in maybe a new user.   
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    Reaper666 got a reaction from loves2spooge in How to close wow when mining bag full?   
    General Settings > Close bot on full bags > On
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    Reaper666 reacted to Hapiguy in Pay For Bot AND Profiles???   
    Also, I have to say that paying ~ 25-40  €  for a 10 year license is FAR cheaper than what you'd pay with another site.
    This bot is also capable of a far greater range of possibilities than HB or other providers, from what I've seen.
    Yes, there's some work involved to get it where you want it to be, but it's far from impossible if given some time, and the willingness to watch a tutorial or two and get on it.
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    Reaper666 reacted to Droidz in Pay For Bot AND Profiles???   
    Hello, I can understand what you say, but these profiles would probably not exist if they were not paying (it is very hard to create good and complet quests profiles).
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    Reaper666 reacted to Droidz in Nostalrius Reborn   
    Support coming soon...
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    Reaper666 reacted to eeny in Selling gold question   
    http://wrobot.eu/forums/forum/44-black-market/  has some gold seller reviews.
    I just go to http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/mmo-trading-market/world-of-warcraft-buy-sell-trade/ and look at people who have posted in the last hour that want to buy gold.  make sure they have a good transaction record ( over 100 transactions and >98% positive).  then i just ping them on skype usually something along the lines of:

    "Hello, i have 2 million gold on XXXSERVERXXX horde/alliance that i would like to sell.  I would like to know if you would like to buy it and your current rate.  Would prefer F2F trade and paypal payment.  is this possible?  Thanks."
    take it from there...  they will ask you to trade gold with their character in game BEFORE they pay you.   thus its important they have good ownedcore rep and trade history.
    once they have the gold they will ask for your account / paypal and pay you.  
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    Reaper666 reacted to eeny in Selling gold question   
    **anyone- please correct any info below if its incorrect**
    The players here are the "gold farmers" and the "gold sellers".
    "Gold farmers" - Us ( for the most part).  We probably farm a on few servers and once we have a substantial amount of gold we contact a "gold seller" to buy from us.
    Most good Gold seller's will be online in skype 100% of the time.  Its likely 3-4 people doing shifts for coverage.  Some are NOT 24/7 and you will see them in ownedcore saying "online for next X hours".  In my experience most gold sellers i talk to are based in Korea or Hong Kong and will respond within a few minutes of a syke ping.  Always good to have a few trusted sellers on your Skype list and just check ownedcore to see who said they were available last.
    The "gold seller" setup is a bit more complex. Generally they hide their millions in guild banks.  That way they can 'transfer' gold to different servers by making a lvl 1 toon on the same battlegroup as the bank, and simply inviting the new character to the guild  depositing / withdrawing gold from that char.  By doing it this way they dont need to have a character on every server, jut one per battlegroup.
    Generally these Gold Sellers do not farm gold.  They buy from the suppliers (Me) at one rate and sell to the public at an inflated rate.  As nighstalker said.
    If they need to do a Face2Face (F2F) trade on a sever they dont have a toon on, they will make a lvl 1and invite it to the guild.  Once they confirm payment has come through, the lvl 1 toon will withdraw the gold and trade to you.  lvl 1 char the Gquits and is deleted.  reverse this process if you are selling gold to the seller.
    Sidenote: While selling gold direct to the public will give you better $$ per Kgold, the risk isn't worth it IMO.  I always sell to a professional gold seller over the risk of someone withdrawing the Paypal payment after the trade.  Also, bans / trolls / griefers / scammers...I'll lose out on the 0.03 USD per K to not deal with that  bullshit.
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    Reaper666 reacted to Droidz in WRobot support Wow 7.1.5 (build 23360)   
    WRobot support now  Wow Legion patch
    If you play on european server, wait tomorrow to update WRobot (if you have updated WRobot, you can download old version of WRobot here).
    More info about this wow version: Click here
    View full article
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    Reaper666 reacted to Droidz in Happy New Year 2017   
    View full article
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    Reaper666 got a reaction from eeny in how to set up selling items?   
    When you have the bot open, go to General Settings and you'll find Advanced Settings at the bottom right.
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    Reaper666 got a reaction from raptor2619 in Using a profile   
    make sure the profile you are using is in the correct folder

    Wrobot Folder ---> Profiles ----> Grinder  ---> (Profile Inserted Here)
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    Reaper666 reacted to Droidz in Banwave... Update   
    I have found detection method and protect WRobot for bypass this. WRobot is currently  'safe' to use.
    Please update WRobot (use WRobot version => 1.7.0) (if you have used or use yet WRobot version 1.6.*, your Wow account will be probably ban in the next banwave).
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    Reaper666 reacted to KnightRyder in Quester   
    I found this extremely helpful.
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    Reaper666 got a reaction from reefer75 in Horder   
    I have used the Gorgrond profile and it works well so far. tends to pick up a big guy which is unavoidable but overall its good. I'll text the others as I progress
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