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Tanaan Jungle (lvl 100) (Mine, Herb, Timber) V2 mailbox problem


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Now, the mailboxes are automaticly added when your character is near, but you can add manually the mailbox like this:

After, go to advanced general settings tab mailbox to setting it.

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I have added screencast of how to add mailbox: http://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/1413-how-to-add-mailbox-at-your-profile/?do=findComment&comment=10851

Check also if your settings to send mail is good:

  • You can increment the search radius ("General Settings > Advanced > Tab Others options" > "Npc/Mailbox Search Radius" )
  • You can disable "Automatically add in database nearest NPCs"  ("General Settings > Advanced > Tab Others options" )
  • You can clear NPC DB (close WRobot, remove file "WRobot\Data\NpcDB.xml")
  • Check mail settings  ("General Settings > Advanced > Tab Mail..." )
  • You can try to user timer to go to mailbox ("General Settings > Advanced > Tab Vendor... > Go to vendor/repair/mailbox with timer..." )

If you get problem please send me your log file, where is the mailbox? (if you have wowhead link).

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