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2 question about TP and buy item form NPC


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Maybe something already posted but I didn't find it.

1. How to TP, if i want go to MOP from Stormwind. example in HB

<If Condition="(Me.MapId == 0 &amp;&amp; Me.IsAlliance)" >
		<CustomBehavior File="FlyTo" DestName="SW Portal" X="-8199.441" Y="529.3228" Z="117.0738" />
		<CustomBehavior File="ForcedDismount" />
		<CustomBehavior File="InteractWith" MobId="215457" Range="4" X="-8194.479" Y="528.1129" Z="117.2901" />
		<CustomBehavior File="WaitTimer" WaitTime="10000" GoalText="Waiting for port {TimeRemaining}" />

	<If Condition="(Me.MapId == 1 &amp;&amp; Me.IsHorde)" >
		<CustomBehavior File="FlyTo" DestName="Org Portal" X="2013.813" Y="-4699.559" Z="28.61817" />
		<CustomBehavior File="ForcedDismount" />
		<CustomBehavior File="InteractWith" MobId="215424" Range="4.75" X="2014.819" Y="-4700.274" Z="28.62439" />
		<CustomBehavior File="WaitTimer" WaitTime="10000" GoalText="Waiting for port {TimeRemaining}" />

2. how to purchase item from NPC, example I want purchase 408 item from NPC at MOP.

<Hotspot X="614.9892" Y="2120.453" Z="368.6021" />

<Vendor Name="全副武装的伦" Entry="65172" Type="Repair" Nav="Fly" X="617.0347" Y="2120.123" Z="368.0559" />


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