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2 Daily quests annoy me


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Hello ,

I'm new to using the bot , I created a profile for the klaxxi daily quests , but i have problems with 2 quests :



they both require me to use an item on a mob and then kill them .

If i use the UseItemOn class , it just uses the item on them and it moves on to the next. I tried using macro in fight class but the lua code doesn't work from some reason and it doesn't check for the condition of target id and it uses items all the time.

Is there any way to make it so it attacks after it uses item on mob?

Some help would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

p.s.:I need to mention that I'm using an older version (1.2.4) so it might not have the newer options.

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Sorry, I cannot help you, you use an very old WRobot version, he has a lot of change since.

But the best way is to use C# code if you cannot make it to work with default options of "easy quests profile".

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Managed to get everything working . I know you said I have an old version , still I'm posting this because it might help someone.

As I mentioned in my first post , the quests required you to use an item on an elite so it becomes weaker.

I tried overriding the pulse method (I'm coming from java so it might be called function) with no success. I have no idea how the original thing looks so I decided to give up on that.

Then I revisited my original plan to modify my fight class so it includes those items and i will describe the steps:

1. Add code like this to the Add Spell field :

RunMocroText("/use Sonic Disruption Fork")

2. You might want to add a distance condition so it doesn't use the item when the target is too far.

3. Add a Lua Script condition that looks something like this:

local npcId = tonumber((UnitGUID("target")):sub(6, 10), 16);
if ((npcId == 64717 ) or (npcId == 64720)) then
isSTarget= true;

4. Fill the Return value research with the value: true .

5. Fill the Return value var with the value: isSTarget .

6. Go to Spell Settings list and change the field: Not spell, is lua script to True

7. Now you have to options to use the item on the intended target without spamming the item.

  • If the item leaves a debuff on the target you can add a Target buff condition .
  • If the item doesn't leave a debuff go to Spell Settings list and change the field: Once per Target to True

8. Finally you can add the quest as a normal grinder quest.


Hope this helps ! :biggrin:


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