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skipping pools with self made profile [fisherbot]


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hi there. pretty new to this bot and since there is not much aviable, i wanted to make myself a profile in tanaan to fish some felblood ...

so i got to the spot i wantet the path to begin, recorded the way the bot should fly. (checked the guide in this forum to get sure, i did not miss anything)

problem is: the bot patrols the way as intended but rarely lands to fish... he skips nearly all pools

since i am new i wanted to keep it simple i only was at the shore south of fang'rila. (dont even know if fellblood drops there)

what i tried:

setting range from 50-300
fishing pools:on
precision: on
max Units near target: up to 10


nothing helped



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ya the fish pool engine isnt effective. i belive its the pathfinding engine that detects it doesnt has a spot to stand. also i find the can walk water not helpful at all. is there a way to use potion when spotted a pool (when there isnt any walk on water buff) then try to fish it.

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i can confirm, it's the bot who cant find a spot to stand, so he skips that fish pool. 

what waterwalking does, i dont know exactly, on shaman (with buff set to autocast every 5min (it has a runtime of 10min) i did not see change in behaviour of the bot.It alwys searchs a dry spot to land. (i'm using flying). 

sometimes he finds a pool and places himself in a position, where there are plants or others blocking him from fishing.

as i used the bot to get draenor fishing, i just learned to set profiles, where this problems do not occure. So if you know how the bot works, you can avoid specific spots. It's a bit work, but i found out, that done properly the bot works as i want it to.

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WRobot go to the point of profile near the "fish school", if this point is in water WRobot skip fish school. Try to avoid this: 2016-01-03_12-53-23.thumb.jpg.86f05fab8e

You can also try to activate option in product settings "Can walk on water".

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