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Hello, i just bought Wrobot and i have some problems :

I'm playing on a private MOP server (5.4.8(18414)), so i bought Wrobot for private servers, then i downloaded the "beta"  (http://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/2477-beta-download-wrobot-for-mop/), but when i tried to use it, the bot didn't detect my version (not the correct version of the game)... So i searched on the forum, and i found a post with olders versions, and i downloaded the 1.2.0 version (for 5.4.7...) and it worked, but, i think it's an "official" version, so i can't get my key working with that, could you help me please? Thanks.

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Here is a screenshot of my wow.exe shortcut :

Anyway, to be honest, i searched on forums for similar problems, and i found something, apparently, the "official" version of Wrobot, the version 1.2.0 is working perfectly on this version, i tried it (there is a cracked one, and yeah it's working), but, if i bought the software, it's not to use a cracked one :/, anyway i hope this information can help you, thanks.


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Your problem is very strange, do you get this window when you launch WRobot: 2015-12-22_20-16-01.png.8dfda5b5e41f88c5

Do you have file "WRobot\Bin\RDManaged.dll"? Do you have try to disable your antivirus and reinstall WRobot?


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