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Interact with NPC between PickUp & TurnIn


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Hi there, I just purchased the bot today and am liking it so far.

Im using the Easy Quests Editor to make a Gnome Starting Area Profile as there isn't currently one in the bot base.

Im stuck at a part after Decontamination, where you pick up Quest 'To The Surface' Wowhead ID 27674, you need to Interact with an NPC and chat to her to make her Teleport You to the surface, when you then hand in the quest to another NPC.

Can you please explain how I do this, as im at a loss.

Ive attached the Profile so far for you to run, it takes about 6 mins from start to stuck.


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Your profile is empty (he has not hotspots and ...).

But, with "InteractWithNpc", you need to config option "Gossip option" if NPC has menu (or you can use "Macro when interact" if npc have multi menu or complex menu).

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Ok but do I make an intermediary step with TurnIn quest logic with the NPC for the teleport? Because the NPC to teleport you isnt the Quest Final NPC, just someone you need to talk to before handing in the quest later.

If I target that NPC the location information is in for the NPC do I need to put it in the questlogic too as a hotspot?

Also the Target NPC for the Teleport is almost standing by the quest giver, so it shouldnt really need a hotspot.

Did you run the profile?

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Yes of course, use quest type "InteractWithNpc", in hotspot add Npc position, in target entry add npc entry id and you need to complete the "Objective count..." associated with this task (if you don't know objective number, you can put "True" at all the "Auto detect objective count..." in quest "Base settings").

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