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1-100 Questing Profile


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I bought this bot so I could start leveling alts from 1-100 and then later on to farm with. I understand that there is no complete set of 1-100 profile. I was wondering what you guys do to hit the level cap. What is the fastest way to do it with this guide? Is it possible to take other profiles from other websites and use them with this one? So basically what is the fastest way to use the bot to hit level cap with?

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On 12/29/2015 at 10:48 AM, invisionthis said:

Honestly the only reason I bought this bot was so I could level my characters from level 1 to 100.So how should I do that? Can I use other profiles from other bots?

you can't everyone HAS to make their OWN profiles, for account security reason. If you want to use other peoples 1-100 Profiles you need to use a different Bot.

The current Profile Converter doesn't work.

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