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Force FollowPath before KillAndLoot?


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as i mention in a another thread wanted to make a 1Click 1-60 Grinder Profile only problem is now, he is skipping the FollowPath "Quest" and jumps over directly to KillAndLoot "Quest".
He must use the FollowPath Quest to go to the next Grind Spot then switch over to the next "Quest" in order what is the next KillandLoot obviously.

anyone can help? i upload the Quester Profile, so you can better lookup.



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To summarize, for the GoTo steps:

  1. In quest type put "FollowPath".
  2. Put "True" at the option "Not required in quest log".
  3. Put "ObjectManager.Me.Level >= 6 && ObjectManager.Me.Level <= 10" at the option "Can condition" (replace 6 by the min level of next  zone, and replace 10 by the max level of next zone).
  4. Activate option "Current quest completed when at the latest position.".
  5. Record the path from previous grind zone to the next grind zone.
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