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[Warmane/Lordaeron Statistics] Hellfire peninsula 13hours mining+herb

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hellfire peninsula vein spawn rates are totally bugged and it's low priority to be fixed so probably never getting fixed

11.28.00 - [Loot Stat] Items looted during session:
Dreaming Glory x 108 (8/hr)
Fel Lotus x 4 (0/hr)
Felweed x 125 (9/hr)
Mountain Silversage x 104 (7/hr)
Mote of Life x 35 (2/hr)
Golden Sansam x 86 (6/hr)
Eternium Ore x 5 (0/hr)
Fel Iron Ore x 120 (9/hr)
Loosely Threaded Pants x 2 (0/hr)
Large Boar Tusk x 1 (0/hr)
Dreamfoil x 49 (3/hr)
Fel Blossom x 8 (0/hr)
Smoked Talbuk Venison x 1 (0/hr)
Croc-Hunter's Rifle x 1 (0/hr)
Moldy Leather Belt x 1 (0/hr)
Netherweave Cloth x 9 (0/hr)
Mote of Fire x 9 (0/hr)
Bleeding Eye x 1 (0/hr)
Mote of Earth x 3 (0/hr)
Chipped Ravager Claw x 2 (0/hr)
Runecloth x 6 (0/hr)
Gnarled Ravager Claw x 1 (0/hr)
Ravager Flesh x 1 (0/hr)
Molted Feather x 1 (0/hr)
Beaten Talon x 1 (0/hr)
Dementia Boots x 1 (0/hr)
Blood Soaked Tail x 1 (0/hr)
Netherstalker Helmet x 1 (0/hr)
Zangar Caps x 1 (0/hr)
Loosely Threaded Shoulderpads x 1 (0/hr)
Azure Moonstone x 1 (0/hr)
Ivory Boar Tusk x 1 (0/hr)
11.28.00 - Session statistics:
Elapsed time: 13h:13m:04s
XP/HR: 3232 - 5431 min
Kills: 43 (3/hr)
Deaths: 76 (5/hr)
Farms: 328 (24/hr)
Loots: 27 (2/hr)
Money/HR: 0 G 00 S 00 C (0 G 00 S 00 C)
Honor/HR: 0 (0)


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