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Is there way to delete a wp in AB? My tauren on his kodo gets stuck on the tree at lumber mill then proceeds to fall down the cliff most of the time. It looks very bottish. Also, is there a way to stop it from going into the water with the mount when going to the bases. Looks very weird and sometimes get stuck on the boxes or trees in the water.

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Can you give me position where bot stuck please (go to tab "Tools" > "Developmen Tools" > "Me/Target Position")

You can try to add zone to blacklist (tab "Tools" > "Add current zone to black list").

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This also get stuck on the wooden spikes in Warsong Gulch. Don't know why bot goes that direction away from team. Also, instead of following group will go back inside and then go down ramp or goes left down the hill. 


Map name MPQ: PVPZone03

My Position: 1047.493, 1520.385, 339.7448, "None"
My Position Vector: new Vector3(1047.493, 1520.385, 339.7448, "None")
My Position XML: <Vector3 X="1047.493" Y="1520.385" Z="339.7448" Type="None" />
My Rotation: 1.616848

Got the AB stuck point


Map name MPQ: PVPZone04

My Position: 885.5356, 1173.784, 9.432649, "None"
My Position Vector: new Vector3(885.5356, 1173.784, 9.432649, "None")
My Position XML: <Vector3 X="885.5356" Y="1173.784" Z="9.432649" Type="None" />
My Rotation: 0.1898402

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