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Need to restart constantly for spells to work.

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I'm using the Quester bot for 2 characters in different accounts at the same moment ( I don't know if that is causing the problem).

While I level up I change the Fight classes and add new spells, and I realized that the bot sometimes "bugs" and needs to be restarted for spells to work. In this case the ones that didn't work are Battle Shout and Power Word: Fortitude ( I don't know if any other spell has the same problem because I'm too low level, I will see as I level up). It could only cast the basic ones; Heroic Strike, Smite.

I know it's not a problem of the fight class I made, because I don't change anything after I restart it.

I could "solve" it because I looked at this topic after 30 minutes of modifying it, lol:


Maybe is a PC problem (anti virus or something else), but I doubt it because I don't have any problem like this in the WoD version.

( I had to restart 3 times in like 40 minutes). I can still use it but it's something that could be annoying in the long run.


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Yes, I cannot detect new spells without restart wow client, I don't know cause yet (this problem do not exist on the wotlk official server before).

I have add it to my to do list, I'll look it again, I comeback here when is done.

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