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  1. Hello, I'm making a profile with quester in the gnome and dwarf starting area. The problem is that after my character takes a quest it tries to constatly cast Fireball while walking very slowly toward the quest point I set (like trying to attack the targeted allied quest giver), it eventually reaches the quest spot and start working correctly, but it looks very weird at first. Did I make a mistake creating the profile? I have attached my quester profile and fightclass, I would appreciate If I could get some help. thanks! 10 nov 2016 21H27.log.html Mage.xml
  2. Fizzcrank

    How to Schedule Gatherer Profiles

    You can: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> <GathererProfileAdvanced xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <StopBotWhenFinish>true</StopBotWhenFinish> <Tasks> <GathererProfileAdvancedTask ProfilePath="Vofw Normal 5.xml" MaxTime="19" MaxMiningLevel="-1" MaxHerbalismLevel="-1" /> <GathererProfileAdvancedTask ProfilePath="Vofw Normal 2.xml" MaxTime="19" MaxMiningLevel="-1" MaxHerbalismLevel="-1" /> <GathererProfileAdvancedTask ProfilePath="Vofw Normal 6.xml" MaxTime="19" MaxMiningLevel="-1" MaxHerbalismLevel="-1" /> <GathererProfileAdvancedTask ProfilePath="Vofw Normal 4.xml" MaxTime="19" MaxMiningLevel="-1" MaxHerbalismLevel="-1" /> <GathererProfileAdvancedTask ProfilePath="Vofw Normal 3.xml" MaxTime="19" MaxMiningLevel="-1" MaxHerbalismLevel="-1" /> <GathererProfileAdvancedTask ProfilePath="Vofw Normal 1.xml" MaxTime="25" MaxMiningLevel="-1" MaxHerbalismLevel="-1" /> </Tasks> </GathererProfileAdvanced> Here it runs different Valley of the four winds profiles for 19 minutes, and finally 25 min. But as already said you can use relogger.
  3. Fizzcrank

    How to Schedule Gatherer Profiles

    You can do that, check this post from droidz.
  4. Fizzcrank

    Freezes when getting attacked on sky golem

    I reinstalled, and I have the option "Ignore fighting if in ground mount" , still kills mobs while in sky golem.
  5. Fizzcrank

    bot wont attack while getting node.

    I saw an update, but I still have the bug. At first, it farmed but keep trying to farm the same starlight rose for like 15 - 20 seconds, while being hit by mobs. Now it doesn't farm the starlight rose if in combat. (I add log file) 12 oct 2016 11H36.log.html Edit: Now, in sky golem, it farms correctly , but it will still kill the mobs, it doesn't ignore them completely.
  6. I'm having the same problem, I hope it gets fixed.
  7. I'm using the Quester bot for 2 characters in different accounts at the same moment ( I don't know if that is causing the problem). While I level up I change the Fight classes and add new spells, and I realized that the bot sometimes "bugs" and needs to be restarted for spells to work. In this case the ones that didn't work are Battle Shout and Power Word: Fortitude ( I don't know if any other spell has the same problem because I'm too low level, I will see as I level up). It could only cast the basic ones; Heroic Strike, Smite. I know it's not a problem of the fight class I made, because I don't change anything after I restart it. I could "solve" it because I looked at this topic after 30 minutes of modifying it, lol: Maybe is a PC problem (anti virus or something else), but I doubt it because I don't have any problem like this in the WoD version. ( I had to restart 3 times in like 40 minutes). I can still use it but it's something that could be annoying in the long run. Thanks!
  8. Fizzcrank

    Vanilla Wow 1.12. Suggestion.

    I don't know how to make work the first one, but thanks anyways haha.
  9. Fizzcrank

    Vanilla Wow 1.12. Suggestion.

    Okay, thanks for the answer Droidz, no problem. I'll keep playing without bot, I still find it more enjoyable than Wod.
  10. I have a suggestion for the staff. I started playing in Nostalrius( Vanilla wow server, 1.12.1) because I got bored of Wod ( I've been botting for months, and no ban) and I was thinking about how it would be nice to have a bot version for vanilla wow considering that it has been implemented for Wotlk, Cataclysm, and Pandaria. There are some well populated vanilla servers (in this case Nostalrius has a good population and it's increasing constantly) , and I think the demand for a good and easy to use bot like this one may be high or at least moderate. I tried looking for other bots but it's hard to find one for such and old version of the game, and the one that "worked" has a lot of bugs and the interface is awful and difficult to understand. There's really no comparison with Wrobot. *I just realized that this was already discussed in a previous post: and then announced here: But I still think It would be a good idea to implement it. In the same post there are more people suggesting it, so I think I'm not the only one that is looking for this. Thanks.
  11. Fizzcrank

    Issue with quest

    It worked. Thanks!
  12. Fizzcrank

    Issue with quest

    Hi, I'm using Quester in the night elf starter zone, but I have a problem with the druid class quest. My character has to use moonfire on a training dummy and then turn in the quest, but instead of doing it he starts spamming moonfire in every training dummy he finds around and never turn in. How can I fix this? Quest= http://www.wowhead.com/quest=26948/moonfire Quester profile attached. Testing.xml
  13. Fizzcrank


    Yes, I'm using it right now.
  14. Fizzcrank

    Up to date Herb and Ore Profile

    Sent in private message.
  15. Fizzcrank

    Up to date Herb and Ore Profile

    Using gatherer. My character tried to go through a mountain again, I had to stop the bot 3 times and start it again.