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warlock fight class


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i need to use 

 [Healthstone] and  [Bodyguard Miniaturization Device] 


but it is not a buff


what is the command ?




je dois utiliser
[ Healthstone ] and [ Bodyguard Miniaturization Device]

objectif, il est pas un buff

Quelle est la commande ?
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Par exemple, pour http://www.wowhead.com/item=5512/healthstone , à la place du nom du sort mettez l'id de l'item (5512), dans "Spell Settings" mettez "True" à l'option "Not spell, is item id". Dans les condition utiliser "Item Count" et "Item Id Cooldown Enabled". Regarde cette exemple: test.xml

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but how can i run macro from fightclass editor


i have one like "/use Healthstone"

need to use it when my health i less than 30% and i have Healthstone in bag id:5512



and "/use Call of arms"

need to use it when i am in compact

and my target is hero or elite

and Call of arms is available 


Thanks again


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