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Reworking HB Profiles for WRobot ?

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Hi devs,

I just recently bought the bot and i must say the bot is awesome and the profiles you created are great as well. Im long done with the original WoW so im playing on 3.3.5 private server. There is a lack of profiles for wotlk but that is understandable. My question is back in the days when i was using Honor Buddy in the original i couldnt have notice that there was one guy who was a fucking genius - KICKZ. I think you all are familiar with his work and how amazing his profiles are. Now since there arent alot of profiles here wouldnt it be just easier to take some of KICKZs profiles and just rework them to work with WRbotot and once you have a huge database like HBs, you can start adding your own profiles or community wishes since you are awesome bot developers too. I think if you have at least the basics - Leveling 1-Max for every expansion as well as mining and herbalism 1- Max also for every expansion there wouldnt be a single person who wouldnt buy the bot insantly. 

Once again i really appreciate what you guys did here, your profiles are amazing, a person who has used alot of profiles cant help but notice how much effort and time youve put into them, so thank you.



Before i found you guys i was searching for a Wotlk or Cata bot for hours and the only thing i found is LazyBot which is just sad to watch, i guess the developer was pretty lazy when creating it. So i guess it wouldnt be a bad idea adding more profiles for Wotlk and Cata since youre the only guys with a bot that is actualy worth using at all. 


Sincerely yours,


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Droidz has converted some KICKZ grinding profilesto wrobot but everyone use them making the areas really high risk even if there currently is no one.

Using 1-max is impossible right now because you can't go between kalimbor and eastern kingdom (same for outland and northrend too) that's why people do like 10 lvls at once then you must switch place and profile.

Wrobot released the wotlk bot just couple months ago but we're working hard to get the wotlk profiles out

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