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21 hours ago, betterSister said:

I would if i had 70+lvl shammy

I`ll w8ing for u :rolleyes:


18 hours ago, Loki1 said:


Here is a pretty good enhance shaman fight class I use in my group.  I have not tweaked it too much as everything works pretty good as is--just set the totems you want to use in Call of the Elements.

-- Loki

Shaman - Loki2 - Enhance.xml

Ty sm.

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4 minutes ago, Holyganja said:

thx dude:happy:
Mb u have some gather profiles (Saronir or Titan) ?

i do have but they are in private use right now because i've spent so many hours on them making sure there is absolutely no issues. I'll maybe release them someday

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