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anyone got a thorium ore profile for silithus?

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27 minutes ago, Gellaberlin2016 said:



has anyone a profile for gathering thorium ore in silithus?

Just check the download section for some stuff like this ;)

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Select Gatherer.

Product Settings

Profile Creator

Set Record Path on on. Minimize Window.

Usefull addon : Gathermate2 and Gathermate2_data.

In addon config  Gathermate2 choose import (check what you want to import)

Open your map and put it in mini mode.

You will see the ores on your map.

Now fly araound making a circle (you end where you start)

If you reach your startpoint again, maximize Profile Creator.

Hit the save button, and give it a name.

Close Profile Creator.

Load your just created profile.

Hit start.

Realy easy to create your own profile.

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