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Force to start at the first position seems broken

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When making my dungeon profile (without hotspots as it seems to hang up on objects often), I'm using "FollowPath" instead of "killandLoot"--since it contains waypoints instead of hotspots.  At any rate, the first run of a dungeon works absolutely perfect, then exit/reset/enter and WRobot seems to want to get to the last waypoint of the profile.  I have selected "Force to start at the first position" and no change.  Always the first run works great, second--path gets bugged as if its trying to get to last boss through walls.  I attached a profile I'm working on, see if anyone sees something I overlooked.  If it started at the first (topmost) waypoint first (on second and subsequent runs) this profile would be perfect--or close to it anyway.  Thanks for your help!


[Dungeon] Mana Tomb.xml

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