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Spell As Food


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I am using WRobot for wow 3.3.5a. I am running into a couple issues. First, I am using regrowth as "food" health regeneration out of combat, and it works, but it will spam it and waste drinks.

Second, I cannot figure out what conditions to apply so heals are not casted in succession; i.e., 60% health druid casts regrowth, and immediately begins casting another regrowth even though health is full, although it is conditioned to check for the regrowth buff; however, the bot must be checking too early or not at all between casts. This doesn't occur all the time.

Thank you for your quick reply!

EDIT: Attached full log. Near the end, you will see
09:25:11 - [Regen] Started
09:25:12 - [Regen] Use food Regrowth
09:25:16 - [Regen] Use drink Sweet Nectar
09:25:18 - [Regen] Finished

However, when it is using food "Regrowth" it will spam if not full health, and it will also interrupt drinking to top off, then drink again... a little annoying.

[F] 09:02:26 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Faerie Fire (Feral) (Faerie Fire (Feral))
[F] 09:02:29 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Claw (Claw)
[F] 09:02:30 - [Spell] Cast (onself) Tiger's Fury (Tiger's Fury)
[F] 09:02:30 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Rake (Rake)
[F] 09:02:33 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Claw (Claw)
[F] 09:02:33 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Ferocious Bite (Ferocious Bite)
[F] 09:02:34 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Ferocious Bite (Ferocious Bite)
[F] 09:02:39 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Claw (Claw)
[F] 09:02:40 - [Spell] Cast (onself) Regrowth (Regrowth)
[F] 09:02:41 - [Spell] Cast (onself) Regrowth (Regrowth)

The double regrowth (and other healing spells) is incredibly annoying during combat. I have tried requiring once per target condition for regrowth, rejuvenation, and healing touch. Is there a condition to add a pause before next spell rotation?? I am using 32 bit client run as administrator.

EDIT#2: I added a timer that exceeds the cast time and more for the heal spells, and I think it's working for combat. I don't know if its possible to fix spell regen as food out of combat as the configuration allows at the moment.

20 Mar 2016 08H51 - dCvp.log.html

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On 3/20/2016 at 3:50 PM, Droidz said:

Hello, can you share your log file please (


Is there a fix for this now? Bot wastes drinks when food is a spell. It instantly uses heal spell when enough mana and just using 2-4 mana drinks for 1 mana break.

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