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[Wotlk] [Keyboard Hook] Couldn’t register the hot key.


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Hi, i made a new instance of "KeyboardHook"

private KeyboardHook _hookKeybindings = new KeyboardHook();

// Subscribe
this._hookKeybindings.KeyPressed += HookKeybindings_KeyPressed;

// Register
this._hookKeybindings.RegisterHotKey(ModifierKeys.Alt, Keys.R);

Result in the log: "[Keyboard Hook] Couldn’t register the hot key."

Any clue why it can't register this key binding? All the sub + reg is in the init method.


Thanks, iMod

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You get this message (Couldn...) all the time? Even at the first WRobot start (after compturer (re)start?)

If yes, this keybinding is used by another software. If this works only the first time, it is because you don't dispose it, add this code before the end of your code: 



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