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WoW Crash


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I ran the bot the first time for 6 or 7 hours with no problem, now i go to run the bot again and after about 5 maybe 10 minutes WoW crashes and nothing has changed as far as wow or the wrobot files. Any ideas?

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And again >.< here is the crash message i get every time.



This application has encountered a critical error:
ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal exception!
Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Wow.exe
ProcessID: 5928
Exception: 0x80000003 (BREAKPOINT) at 0023:018BFE9E
WoWBuild: 16826
Version: 5.2.0
Type:  WoW
Platform: X86
Session Time(hh:mm:ss):  01:40:27
Time in World(hh:mm:ss): 01:40:09
Number of Char Logins:  1
Total lua memory: 18496KB
Current Addon: (null)
Current Addon function: UNKNOWN
Current Addon object: (null)
Addons - All: !DetailedCloudsFix _Corpse _Cursor _NPCScan NPCScanEx _NPCScan.Overlay ACP AFKQuit AFKSpinner AtlasLoot AtlasLoot_BurningCrusade AtlasLoot_Cataclysm AtlasLoot_ClassicWoW AtlasLoot_Crafting AtlasLoot_Loader AtlasLoot_MistsofPandaria AtlasLoot_WorldEvents AtlasLoot_WrathoftheLichKing Auc-Advanced Auc-Filter-Basic Auc-ScanData Auc-Stat-Histogram Auc-Stat-iLevel Auc-Stat-Purchased Auc-Stat-Simple Auc-Stat-StdDev Auc-Util-FixAH AuctionatorMiniFeatures BattlegroundTargets BeanCounter !BlizzBugsSuck Booster BoosterAlliance BoosterHorde BuyMaxStack ChefsHat Clique ConfirmLeaveParty CoolLine CoolLine-ICD Darkmoon Faire (Quest Status) DragonOverlay Dresser Dying Edge Enchantrix Enchantrix-Barker Examiner FishermansFriend FishingBuddy GFW_FactionFriend GarajalAnnounce GladiatorlosSA GTFO GuildMemberStatus GuildNews GupPet HandyNotes HandyNotes_Lorewalkers HandyNotes_LostAndFound HelmNCloak ICWutUDidThere Impulse Informant InstanceLockCompare LargerMacroIconSelection LFGStatusIcon ManaCore MBB Molinari Monomyth ncKillingBlow NoDuelSpam NotInRaidFix OneChoice OneClickEnchantScroll oqueue Postal RaidFlareBinding ReforgedTooltip ReforgeLite Reforgenator RETabBinder SaySapped ZoneText SilentRespec Skada SkadaCC SkadaDamageTaken SkadaDamage SkadaDeaths SkadaDebuffs SkadaDispels SkadaEnemies SkadaHealing SkadaPower SkadaThreat SlideBar StatisticsLinker Stubby !Swatter TheUndermineJournalGE TradeSkillDW Tycoon TycoonContent WeakAuras WeakAurasModelPaths WeakAurasOptions WeakAurasTutorials WhoWhisperedMe xanReplaceEnchant ElvUI_Config ElvUI_AddOnSkins ElvUI_AuraBarsMovers ElvUI_AutoLog ElvUI_Microbar ElvUI_Nameplate_CastInfo ElvUI ElvUI_ActionBar_Panels ElvUI_BagFilter ElvUI_ChatTweaks ElvUI_ChatTweaksDebug ElvUI_ChatTweaksExtra ElvUI_ChatTweaksSpam ElvUI_CoolLine ElvUI_Enhanced ElvUI_Exp_Rep_Recolor ElvUI_LocPlus ElvUI_SystemDT ElvUI_VisualAuraTimers ElvUI_Tukui_Symbiosis ExtVendor yClassColors DBM-Core DBM-DefaultSkin DBM-Archaeology DBM-Bookshelf DBM-LDB DBM-GUI DBM-SpellTimers DBM-BaradinHold DBM-BastionTwilight DBM-BlackTemple DBM-BlackwingDescent DBM-BWL DBM-Brawlers DBM-ChamberOfAspects DBM-Coliseum DBM-DragonSoul DBM-EyeOfEternity DBM-Firelands DBM-HeartofFear DBM-Icecrown DBM-Karazhan DBM-MogushanVaults DBM-MC DBM-Hyjal DBM-Naxx DBM-Onyxia DBM-Outlands DBM-Pandaria DBM-Party-BC DBM-Party-Cataclysm DBM-Party-MoP DBM-Party-WotLK DBM-PvP DBM-AQ20 DBM-Scenario-MoP DBM-Serpentshrine DBM-Sunwell DBM-AQ40 DBM-TerraceofEndlessSpring DBM-TheEye DBM-ThroneFourWinds DBM-ThroneofThunder DBM-Ulduar DBM-VoA DBM-WorldEvents SuperGuildInvite ZygorGuidesViewer 
Addons - Loading: 
Addons - Loaded: 
Number of successful WoWConnections: 13
Free Disk Space: 369.13 GB
Realm: Stormreaver (
Local Zone: Frostwolf Village, Alterac Valley (area id = 2961)
Local Player: Søx, 0400000006286095, (30, -1140.15, -357.416, 51.8269)
Locked Target: Joreyne, 018000000203828F, (30, -1208.23, -363.299, 55.3797)
Last Enemy Target: Joreyne, 018000000203828F, (30, -1208.23, -363.299, 55.3797)
SET locale "enUS"
SET installLocale "enUS"
SET enterWorld "1"
SET maxFPS "0"
SET hwDetect "0"
SET videoOptionsVersion "5"
SET gxApi "D3D9"
SET gxWindow "1"
SET gxMaximize "1"
SET mouseSpeed "1"
SET Gamma "1.000000"
SET readTOS "1"
SET readEULA "1"
SET screenshotQuality "10"
SET accounttype "MP"
SET ChatMusicVolume "0.29999998211861"
SET ChatSoundVolume "0.39999997615814"
SET ChatAmbienceVolume "0.29999998211861"
SET VoiceActivationSensitivity "0.39999997615814"
SET Sound_MasterVolume "0.20000000298023"
SET Sound_MusicVolume "0.40000000596046"
SET Sound_AmbienceVolume "0.60000002384186"
SET farclip "800"
SET particleDensity "10"
SET rippleDetail "1"
SET reflectionMode "0"
SET gxTextureCacheSize "512"
SET shadowTextureSize "2048"
SET SSAOBlur "1"
SET SkyCloudLOD "3"
SET terrainLodDist "450"
SET wmoLodDist "400"
SET realmName "Stormreaver"
SET gameTip "77"
SET bloatTest "0"
SET bloatthreat "0"
SET environmentDetail "50"
SET terrainTextureLod "1"
SET terrainMipLevel "1"
SET worldBaseMip "2"
SET weatherDensity "0"
SET textureFilteringMode "0"
SET Sound_EnableMusic "0"
SET maxFPSBk "163"
SET uiScale "0.84999996423721"
SET useUiScale "1"
SET launchThirtyTwoBitClient "1"
SET Sound_EnableSFX "0"
SET Sound_EnableAmbience "0"
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Try uninstall bot, reboot computer and start wow with no bot installed at all.

Also try a program called Ccleaner to clear your regedit from traces.

To me it sounds like either bad regedit or other third party program.

Try that and tell us how it went

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Does it also crash when NOT using the bot?

Does it also crash when bot is open but not active?

So it crashes when the bot is not running at all?
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Is that the ENTIRE error log? I've found similar issues where the error is actually pointed out in something that looks like

DBG-MODULE<71F70000 00033000 "DINPUT8.dll" "dinput8.pdb" 0 {6c11b801-ed2b-4f61-b9bdccf5c706d65f} 1 1200727666>

The explanation for that error is from the dinput8.dll, which controls like, joysticks and (some mice). Did you get any new peripherals?

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And if that's not the issue, run the game without Wrobot going until the game crashes, then go to battle.net and fill out a support ticket. It's an issue on their end, not Droidz. :)

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