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[Archaeologist] Howto, Advanced ED Adding Digsites and fixing bot freezes.


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If you are still working on getting the Archaeologist running, please see my first tutorial on basic setup.


After botting for sometime you will most likely come across what seems like your bot just sitting around doing nothing, and start / stop doesnt fix it, you may also see your bot tring to survey an exhausted digsite.  These 'bugs' are all caused by the current database which is still being updated.  In time this should all be fixed, but until now you may need to add archy waypoints manually, heres how.


First thing we want to do is click on the debug option in the main bot window so we can see exactly whats going on.



In this next screenshot you can see the bot is running, but my character is just sorta hanging out not going anywhere.  Thats because while the bot knows to Go to Digsite Terrace of Gurthan Digsite, it doesnt know exactly where that is.



So here's how we fix that.


First off stop the bot, next bring up your map in game and look for exactly where that digsite is.


While you cant tell from the ss, my mouse curser ingame was hovering over the circled area, and you can see from the text apove the map this is where the bot is trying to go.


So next we manually drop our character there,  This spot inparticular sucks since its on the boarder of alot of zones, but its in dread wastes, next ss shows just to clarify. try to pick an area where theres not alot of mobs, or clear some of them out of your way.



Once your character is in the digsite, go back to the bot window and click on product settings.


In here scroll all the way to the bottom and you should find your digsite, you will notice its positions are all 0s.


Your next step is to click on the field for Terrace of Gurth.. or whatever site your working with to highlight it, and click "Selected Digsite is at my current location"



This will populate the fields that were once 0s as you can see, next scroll far right, to make sure your zone is 'active', Click on save, then x out of this box manually.



Start your bot back up and you should be back to digging.  When you freeze up again basically start this process over and find the next digsite.  You can probably tell from looking at your database int he editor which sites are not found as they are all 0s, if you like you can 'find them' all at once using the steps above.


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Hey thanks for this post got me somewhat leveling my arch but is there a way to download the list of dig site so i don't have to do this for every site?


EDIT : found this and got it working for anyone else that is looking for a fix -


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