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  1. Hey thanks for this post got me somewhat leveling my arch but is there a way to download the list of dig site so i don't have to do this for every site? EDIT : found this and got it working for anyone else that is looking for a fix -
  2. Can someone explain how to get this working? followed the tutorial and bot just stays " idle ". whenever i launch battlegrounder and then go back to archo it will show digsites but then i start and it still " idles"
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Simple gatherer profile i created to herb and mine around the outskirts of tirisfal glades.
  4. Looking for a druid feral kitty cataclysm fight class if someone has it stored away somewhere. Thank you!
  5. What would happen if i tired to run this with a troll hunter?
  6. Have you got a link for a paid version of this?
  7. Hello forums, I was wondering if there is any plugins for 3.3.5a which will take the best item from a quest and equip it? I need i so if I'm leveling with a kitty druid it will select the best leather item for my spec and equip it. Thanks
  8. What level would the profile finish if started at level 70?
  9. Does this drink water for mana regen?
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