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Any profiles for the missing BGs coming up ?


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At Silvershard Mines, he seems to get stuck every time he leaves starting zone for Ally, by the wooden things. Temple of Kotmogu he usually goes aroud the door and stays there. I just realized there is no profile for them, so he uses "landmarks" which are not very good...


Strand of Ancients, when attacking, most of times, falls into water and stays.



If I was to make one, do I just record the path like a grinding profile ?

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hey dude.  check out my profile for Temple of Kotmogu in the battlegrounds download section.  i used it exclusively this past weekend for cta and it's a solid profile.  although, i havent tested it with ally, but it should not matter because of the path is not faction specific.  


i have mostly been doing tok, av, and ab.  i have found some battlegrounds work best without a profile.  like av and ab, it's not as repetitive and obvious as a profile since it uses landmarks.  when wrobot goes to Farm and stops and waits, it looks like i am there to help defend.  i bet the no profile would be best for gilneas as well.  i also like to set my target distance lower to like 40 yards.  i only try and fight people who are relatively close.


I havent done any silvershard mines yet.  the best profile there would just make it a big circle around the center area where the carts spawn.  that way wrobot would not follow the same path to some mine capture point where no one or no cart is.  super sketch.


strand of the ancients could be a little sketch because of the opening of the doors as your team progresses.  wrobot could get stuck a lot trying to follow a profile through an unopened door.  wrobot is retarded when it comes to the opening of doors and teleporters mechanic.  if the door is open, wrobot will still use the teleporter to get "through" the door.  for that reason i would avoid any battlegrounds that use them.


yes, to record a profile it is very similar to a grinding profile.

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