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Fightclass emty


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Hi all 

i have tryed to download so different fighting profile and when i open Them i can see the XML gode. But when i open Them whit the profile creater it is emty.  Itryed to maks my own simple profile 3 different cast and i work but after a bit of time i whent back to just attack. And Them the profile was emty again, what to do or what am i doing wrong??



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Hi droidz

thx but i have seen this before, but this NOT the issue. 

When i have the ADD the spells and start after a periode of time, it go back 2 empty.

regards beden


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Hi droidz


i have attach some log file and add a picture what i show when i open the file whit fight class editor. and the shaman.xml file aswell

hope this make sens to you because i dossen´t make any to me :-(

i have another fighing class aswell dose the same.

but i have bought some from Arcangelo some of them work fine

regards beden

9 feb 2017 08H32 - xKGrv.log.html

9 feb 2017 15H54 - WyUOKT.log.html

9 feb 2017 17H38 - gwRmGhi.log.html

10 feb 2017 09H12 - cDsL.log.html



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