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[Tol-Barad]Magnets, how do they works ?


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Hello, i try to create a quest profile for Tol-Barad (ally side)

I'ved encounter an issue with this quest (Magnets, how do they works?).

I need to use an item onto a hotspot and after that gather an item.

But it seems impossible to do the both, only one type of quest. (only UseItemOn or Gather).

If i create an UseItemOn quest type,the bot use only the QuestObject. If i create a Gather quest type,  the bot only want to gather but don't use the item.

How can i do the both ?

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Hello, use quest type  UseItemOn, but before pulse this step add step type runcode with c# code;


(replace 123456 by the entry id of gameobject at havest)

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