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Legion 7.1.5 23420

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6 minutes ago, misth said:

Ok, but when i try there is a information of wrong version of the game.


You have to choose the "WRobot for Offical Wow server" for using WRobot on a 7.1.5 23420 private server.

But still, without a WRobot Subscription you'll not be able to use it.

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On 18/2/2017 at 7:19 AM, Runaro said:

Tienes que elegir el "WRobot de oficial Wow servidor" para el uso de WRobot en un servidor privado 7.1.5 23420.

Pero aún así, sin una suscripción WRobot usted no será capaz de utilizarlo.

If you have the subscription for 3 days, but you have the private server, after that those 3 days pass you have to come back to update? , What is the use of having the private server subscription then?

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Yo tengo la suscrición anual y tampoco puedo en esa versión me da el mismo error. wrong version of the game.

Muchos server privados han actualizado a 7.1.5 23420. Yo tengo

Unlimited Subscription

y no es por la subcricion



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