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Felfire Basilisk farm


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Hello community of Wrobot, i joined this league few moments ago so i hope you will have patience with me.

I tried to make my own Grinding profile for farm Felfire Basilisk in Suraman near Felsoul Hold. After i watched almost every old or new video and read almost every post that i though could help me i tried it by myself, it looked so easy but it was all one chaos that i cant handle. I tried hotspots and record path and stuff like that and somewhere i m sure i make some mistakes.

I want it to go around and kill only felfire basilisks and than loot them a mine them, i tried even smaller area (half smaller than i manually do) but even after i tried blacklist all positions around, somehow my bot died in lava (cant make him avoid that) and attacking everything around him too, or even follow the bats in sky to attack them, even if i only put ID of basilisks in the profile.

Iam using protection pally and have decent gear so its not problem to kill anything but its just waste of time that he runs around killing useless mobs and basilisk are still there. (dont know even how to black list othermobs)

Could you please explain to me or show me how to make it? Or even if someone would make one simple profile for me ?

Thank you and anything helps


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In grinder mode the bot will search nearby mobs for their ID's.  if your profile is set for kill / interact with that NPC-ID, the bot will bee-line to the mob.  in this case it sounds like its bee-lining through lava.

Try using just a follow path and rely on the mobs aggro'ing to you.  the in general setting turn on "Skin / mine / gather mobs".  that should get you out of the lava and collecting ore.


You will find with this bot (and botting in general) while some spots would be amazing gold mines to farm, its probably better to pick a safer spot with less chance for the bot to run into a pitfall / lava.  Less deaths, less repair bill, more nodes / hour.

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