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Wrobot is crashing - why is that? Can't access logs to figure out


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Cheers, I've just screened what happened for 2 of my 4 programs tonight and 1 of 4 during the day.

This is not due to shutting down the program after so and so many whispers or stucks, this is an actual crash, isn't it? It then shuts down/crashes my entire WoW. @Droidz this might be interesting, not that this crash comes together, because it creates an infraction with Blizzard stuff itself and so Blizz dev's will find out what is going on here and ban us.

I can not access the logs of a crashed client, can I?

I am looking forward to the clarification of this

FAswwNBR.exe "does'nt work anymore" / "has stopped working" error. Again this does not happen to all clients. Some of them ran through out the night and still continue to run without a crash.


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