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Blizzard improved bot detection


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So i've been browsing through some sites, and it seems like several bot creators are concerned that Blizzard has improved or added new bot detection capabilities in the latest patch, and therefor advice against using their bots untill further information has been gathered. I would love to hear from the Droidz what you think about this, should we hold off botting for a while or are you confident that Wrobot holds it grounds against it?


Thanks :)

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Indeed, Blizzard have added new method for detect bot, this method is destined a another bot, and can affect some others bots.
This checks from where is called the wow function named lua_load, and I do not use this function with WRobot.
WRobot is not affected by this, if there is a known risk I stop wrobot auth server directly (this close automaticly your bot).
But don't forget, botting is dangerous for your wow account, I recommand to not bot on your main account, mainly currently.
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